Hi Everyone! Great to see all the people posting!
The Toronto sketchgroup was great last week. Tons of interesting people to draw.
Here's a few sketches

2006 jan 09
Happy New Year All!

After a 2 1/2 weeks 'detox' from computers here I am again back to work, Animation Mentor and yes as I promosed to myself sketching! First New Years Group took place and it was great a bit short though!

I try to sketch only people but in museums there are so many pleasant attractions! hi hi
On my way for the holidays, a few airports and many faces.

If you wonder the Istanbul's old-style ferry, like this:

You can view a balloon fixed the ground in Kadikoy (Kalkhedon) when you are daydreaming at the deck of ferry:

...And this is my 4 years old son's sketch: People get off the ferry on the Uskudar (Scutari) port. Right, it's really a chaos!

That was the third sunny day of new year. If the weather allows me, I'll draw the sketches on the deck. Cheers to all...

Levent Elpen

Cheers from Istanbul...

It was sunny the second day of new year. This was the deck of Istanbul's an old-style ferry. The sunset view and smoking men. Happy new year to all!

Levent Elpen


I did these this morning while at the local timmy's with my roommate's one of them happens to be new Canada, he's from India. So we were out enjoying the snow, Never thought I'd say those words again. As we waiting to be served I grabbed the white marker they use to mark the cups, a few bags and finally I had my trusty brush pen with me. So this is the result of being up late and sharing the changing of the year's with someone old and someone new.