Here are some of mine from yesterday, Sept.24.
Lately I've been using the red pencil to start with, and for some shadow and color..
It sort of gives that old newspaper flavor..


Post-it SketCheS DoNe on ThE Go!!!

Hey guys, Imaginism Studios is going to be in Chicago this coming weekend for the Wizard Comicon. I will be accompanied by Kei Acedera, Thierry LaFontaine and Ben. If you're going to the Wizard con please come by and say hi! We'll be signing books all weekend.

Here's some sketches from last Sunday. This coming Sunday's Toronto subway sketchgroup will be headed up by my senior artist Gavin Ball. I'll be back the weekend after.
subway drawin's

The first one is a drawing of a man with a baby, listening to his wife slur a story about how she had to be at the bar, 'cause she met a woman with terminal cancer who had no one to drink with.
The second is the girl across from me listening to them.

The other two i drew hours later on my way home, after I had drank most of a large bottle of wine, they're kinda slurred too. I thought it'd be funny to have the before and after. Hope y'dig... rock and roll
some from 2006 jul 12


From yesterday July 9, 2006
Toronto Subway Sketchgroup

Here's some sketches from the past little while from the Toronto subway sketchgroup!

s'been a while, but i'ma start posting here more
A few from jun 30 2006

sketches from today..

worked up in ps.

A few weeks ago the Toronto Subway Sketchgroup was in the Globe and Mail (one of Canada's national newspapers). Here's a link
Hey y'all. Been getting into marker sketches lately. Enjoy!

From Bobby's Toronto subway sketchgroup.

I saw these two people on the subway the other week. There was something strange about them but I just couldn't put my finger on it.
some more stuff - 15 - 20 seconds

some from the last week: