Hi Everyone. Due to the snow storm, Subway Sketching will be postponed till next week.


First post on the imaginism blog, thanks for the advice Bobby I tried fixing it up a bit when I got home.
It was great to get back to some good ol' subway sketching on Sunday. Here's some I did yesterday. We'll be meeting back up next Sunday! Hope to see y'all there.


Hi all.

Kei, T and I will be absent from subway sketching for the next 3 weekends. We will resume on Sept. 2nd. We're going to be in Chicago Aug 9-12 for the Wizard Convention. Then it's TCAF in Toronto the weekend after and then it's the BIG Toronto con, the FAN EXPO. Can't wait for that one!! Sorry about this... but don't worry. Comicon season is coming to a halt end of this month.

These weren't from this Sunday's subway sketching but we were on a bus at the "African Lion Safari" in Hamilton Ontario. We had a pretty fun time. I haven't been there for over 20 years...

Here's some sketches of a lion, baboons picking each others butts and other beautiful wildlife :)

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted here but that will be changing. I haven't been posting many of my subway sketches because we've (Kei and I) been working on the Subway Sketches book!

Kei and I are having our very first art show this Saturday June 30th, 7pm-10pm at the Labyrinth Store on Bloor St W just west of Spadina Avenue.

We'll be exhibiting a collection of sketches done in the subways of our beloved city of Toronto. These are original subway sketches taken straight out of our sketchbooks. You will also have the opportunity to purchase original sketches, prints and books as well as meet us in person and ask us questions.

It's going to be very exciting and fun for us so I hope you can come make it. We're also going to be premiering Imaginism Studios' 7th book - Subway Sketches. I hear the Globe and Mail (Canada's national newspaper) is going to be there as well.

Our Subway Sketches book is full of observational drawings, tips and tutorials as well as some killer guest artists!

Guest Artists
Louie del Carmen
Thierry Lafontaine <-- Thierry will also be there to sign books on Saturday
Jason Seiler
Stephen Silver
Dean Yeagle

The Subway Sketches book is a special limited edition out of the Imaginism collection. It's 72 full color pages, signed and numbered (limited to 500 copies).

All of the Subway Sketches books bought at the show or ordered online from now until the end of August will also come with an sketch from both Kei Acedera and I (Bobby Chiu). You can here.

I look forward to meeting and talking with everyone this Saturday!

Please click on the image below for directions to the Labyrinth store.

These are my fellow commuters on the bakerloo line..enjoy

Hi all

This Sunday subway sketching will be cancelled because we'll be at the Motor City Comicon! If you're in the area, feel free to come on by. I'm told its going to be a great show!

Here's a subway sketch from last Sunday. After, I sketched on it in Photoshop

Hi my first post on the subway sketch group, in fact my first post on any blog.

I've been sketching in the many coffee shops of Leamington Spa in the UK.That means lots of seated people and head studies.I'm using pencil and felt pen for some.Thanks for looking.

Its not the subway, but it could've been. This old codger was sleeping toothless in Union Square park. Drew him on my lunchbreak.

Some more I did on my way back from Hamburg to Ludwigsburg
(subway and airport sketches)

Finally I did some subway sketching again.
Have a nice day everyone!

Hi all,

CBC Radio will be doing an interview with me and the Subway Sketchgroup this Sunday so come out if you can! Should be a load of fun!