Hi everyone!

Thanks to all those that came out to sketch in the Toronto Subway Sketch Group on Sunday! I had a great time.

Winter is upon us and it's really been fun drawing all the fantastic people all bundled up for the cold.

Just a reminder to all the Toronto Subway Sketchers that the following sessions are
Cancelled - Sunday December 25, 2005 due to Christmas
Cancelled - Sunday January 1, 2006 due to hangovers from New Years Eve

Toronto Subway Sketch Group will continue Sunday January 8, 2006.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Before you ask... Yes, there was a guy in a Santa hat in shorts with no shirt on flexing on the subway in the middle of winter. Absolutely Hilarious!!

wow it is so cold and windy in Germany....today's subway sketches.
from the Toronto sketch group

Here are some observational sketches from the Royal Winter fair here in Toronto that just passed.

Hey guys Narnia was great!..I can't wait to see King Kong next Sunday!!!! and hope we eat Pho too!! mmmm..love those shrimp- rice- rolls :P Anyway, here's some stuff from that day..

Something old for now.
Hi there! Great idea with the blog. Thought I'd join in. I haven't been on subwaysketching for weeks now...been busy lately. These are some from the last months. There are also some sketches I did in the park. Hope it's ok ^^

Hey Kei! Great to see your wonderful drawings!
Here's some from last week's session - December 04, 2005

Next meeting is tomorrow Sunday December 11, 2005 3:20pm at Union Station Subway Station. On the subway Platform! I think we might get some people together after and watch "Narnia"! I'm very excited about this movie.

What a great idea Bobby,
we could all really learn from this!

..it's always a privelage to sketch with you...

Here are some from last Sunday,
Dec. 4
Hi Everyone! I figured it might be more interesting if we all posted our subway sketches here. Whether you're from my Toronto subway sketch group or Malaysia, our just a observation sketch-a-holic, I encourage you to join up and showcase your work for comments or critiques. This can serve as a wonderful place to ask questions and learn how to become better or just plain showcasing your talent. To join this blog email us at sketchgroups@imaginismstudios.com

I figure I'll start it off with some of my favorite subway sketches from this year.

And this one's from last Sunday Nov. 27th 2005