Sketchin on the Move ...

The first is from the BK Lounge and the second from the bank.

Bigger is better!! As many of the Toronto subway sketchers know, I've been using a tiny little sketchbook (about 5 x 7in) with pen for a good while now. Well today I decided to use letter size paper with a good ol' pencil and I have to say that I was loving it! It felt like I was freed from a tiny little confined cell and into an open playground of endless space to draw.

Here they are... hope you like em.
some "walk'n draws"...


i'm new here, i live in brooklyn and draw most everyday on the train. hope y'all enjoy.

Here's a few sketches from Sunday March 12 in Toronto.

Hey it's Bobby here from the Toronto Subway Sketchgroup. The weather's getting warmer now so I hope to see many more people come out this Sunday! Especially my buddy that promised me he'd show up for the first time!... You know who you are! hehehe

Hi Guys just 2 wee sketchs for glasgow's clockwock orange. Sketching in the cafe is nothing compared to sketching on a packed tube, i froze so many times as everyone looked at me as if i was a freak haha . At least they stay still ... hope you like:)

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some sketches from march 03 2006