Hello fellow sketchers! That's right, I am finally posting something here in a long overdo fashion :) Being dedicated to this group week after week is such a thrill for me and I hope those who come out and those who will come out experience a similar thrill!

Here are some quick drawings from yesterday's subway run.


~Dream Big, Work Hard~


I did some sketches from last year's subwaysketching and cafe, and turned them into characters :) Enjoy!
Hello everybody, while I no longer live in the great north in the city of Toronto, I've kept up the habit on my daily commute to NYC. Some sketches courtesy of NJ Transit. People are mostly sleeping or looking down at their blackberries/ipads, as indicative of your typical morning commuter. Just some head drawings for now.

I led sketch group a few weeks back, only this guy showed up and I painted this background.
Trying some painting on the subway recently.

Hello people, I'm glad to be here at last! Only after posting these do I realize that everyone in my drawings looks either bored, tired, or angry. haha. By the way, this is my first post and I still don't know how to use my scanner, so go easy on me. But nice to meet you all!