Union Subway Station
We meet downstairs on the end of the subway platform


Free!! (Except for your subway ticket $3.00)

What to bring:

Something to draw WITH and something to draw ON!

Everyone's invited so come on down and invite your friends.
It'll be great to see some familiar faces and some new ones.

Look around and you'll find us carrying sketchbooks. At 3:45pm we catch a subway train and just ride it back and forth sketching tons of people.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Is this every Sunday? Or is it according the "Upcoming Meet Ups" dates (on the right side of the blog)?

Does Bobby Chiu himself join the group every week?

tnx and I'd appreciate your answer.

Anonymous said...

i'm not living anywhere near Canada. could i still join? :/

Unknown said...

hi i was just wondering if this sketch group thing is still going on recently. thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the sketch group still runs? I havent seen anything updated on here so I'm not sure and wanting to know before I go all the way to union

kitdg said...

you guys inspired me to draw on the ttc too :D
(my ipod was insufficient for my 1 hour daily ride home..)
ill be waiting for updates so i can join u guys next time ^^

Anonymous said...

when is the next meeting? Is this every Sunday? I need practice sketching people quickly, and I am sometimes embarrassed to do it on my own; thus, a group would help bring me out of my shell.

Chanp said...

Hi everyone, yup it is every Sunday! We meet up at 3:45pm at the Designated Waiting Area on the platform!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea and I would love to do this, the only problem is that I live abroad. Would there be any way to make one over here, in london?

Suorpio said...

this sounds cool! But the upcoming meet dates are either way past or just out of date? Is there a meet coming up in Sept 2013 at all?

Anonymous said...

yea I'm worried about it not happening because of how late some of the upcoming dates are
I'm hoping its still on today