Hi everyone!

Thanks to all those that came out to sketch in the Toronto Subway Sketch Group on Sunday! I had a great time.

Winter is upon us and it's really been fun drawing all the fantastic people all bundled up for the cold.

Just a reminder to all the Toronto Subway Sketchers that the following sessions are
Cancelled - Sunday December 25, 2005 due to Christmas
Cancelled - Sunday January 1, 2006 due to hangovers from New Years Eve

Toronto Subway Sketch Group will continue Sunday January 8, 2006.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Before you ask... Yes, there was a guy in a Santa hat in shorts with no shirt on flexing on the subway in the middle of winter. Absolutely Hilarious!!


Alex Deligiannis said...

Hey Bobby, saw your post on my blog and followed the route to your blog. Man, great sketches here, real nice work!

blabla said...

Great Characters! Winter is cold but you can sketch interesting clothes ;)
I love it. The half naked santa is neat lol!

Unknown said...

very neat drawings!

Unknown said...

very neat drawings!

willipino said...

very cool sketches!

Kyle Marshall said...

rockin stuff!

virginiavalle.blogspot.com said...

I agree with Kyle :) rocking stuff!!!

anim_ziggy said...

was there really a half naked bloke dressed as Santa? haha
great sketches as usual!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap!
The Shirtless Santa is the bomb.
He got nabbed by the cops today for some reason.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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