A few weeks ago the Toronto Subway Sketchgroup was in the Globe and Mail (one of Canada's national newspapers). Here's a link http://globecareers.workopolis.com/servlet/Content/fasttrack/20060527/LIFEDRAWING27?section=Education


Urban Barbarian said...

LOL! These guys are great!

Kristian said...

man, you really capture them. How do you attack a drawing like these. do you study the person first before pen hits paper. I tend to just draw and find my way round that way. but i never get the caricature .
awesome work as per

blabla said...

Nice characters as usual bobby!
And cool thing with the article. I really need to do subwaysketches again.

Unknown said...

Urbanbarbarian - hey thx!

Kristian Antonelli - the key is to visualize the basic shapes but not draw them. Instead you visualize the basic shapes and draw your details along the basic shape in your mind. It's all about visualization.

Goro - Hey thanks my friend!

Anonymous said...

I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

Jackie said...

Hey Bobby,

Sorry for missing this week's sketchgroup session! I meant to make it, but I missed all types of transit today by about 10 seconds each time which accumulated into an enormous amount of lost time. I have always had a thing with my patience and the TTC, but today, I think I have made my personal vendetta against it, haha.

But seriously, I heard from Daks and Rundeep that they had a good time and that it was a good day at sketch. I wish I could have made it. Maybe I'll get lucky and have another sunday off.

(Ps: I heard from the guys that you waited a little bit more at union. I feel pretty guilty about that so thanks for waiting. Cheers and hope to see you guys another sunday.)


Unknown said...

real cool drawing!

katzenjammer studios said...

we're big fans of your stuff, bobby! we're gonna be next to you at con! we can't wait!

Anonymous said...

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