Toronto Sketcrawl at the Metro Zoo!

What a great turn out it was! Not even the gloomy weather and rain could stop us--that's what being an artist is all about, right?! It was really great to see friends and new faces come together and sketch whatever they saw. I just wish the zoo stayed opened for a lot longer, but it just makes me want to come back more regularly.

Also check out the Sketchcrawl forum for more awesome sketches around the world!

And here's the link for the Toronto Sketchcrawl start sharing what you saw!


the meercats


cute halloween kids!

.. our fine group!


Thiago Rachid said...

Very nice artwork!!

rasoul shiri said...

waoooooooooa really awesome

Unknown said...

THese drawings ROCK!

Anonymous said...

nice drawings! - what a great crowd it must have been a raelly fun day!

Mark said...

That Mandrill looks like such a friendly guy lol.. Wicked sketches.. When you guys going out to the zoo again? Id love to join next time.. and I live 5 mins away from it too..

my.firstSkizze said...

hi kei,
love ur style of is very cute. :P

Gugz said...

NICE! I would love to be part of the Sketch group, when I move to Toronto I´ll join for sure!

Maureen said...

Great drawings, but I'm also very impressed with the size of your sketchgroup.

Unknown said...

Damn! Wish I had found this earlier... when's the next crawl?